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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the different status images mean?

Normal. The service on this host is active and responding correctly.
Warning. The service is active but is not working properly.
Packet loss or a soon-to-be-expired SSL certificate is probably to blame.
Error. The service is down and is not responding at all.
Somebody needs to be called immediately to acknowledge the error.
Unknown. The status of this service cannot be determined.
One of the monitoring processes has most likely failed.
Message. The previous alert has been acknowledged by somebody.
Click it to find out who acknowledged it and the message they left.

How do I acknowledge or clear an alert?

Click on the status image you want to acknowledge. Type a message in the "Acknowledge Alert" box at the bottom of the page then click "Acknowledge". Authenticate using your assigned access ID. Messages are automatically cleared once the service is restored.

Who do I call when a host is showing an error?

You can view the action information for a host by clicking on the hostname. This is the bolded white name of the server to the left of the status information. This is only shown when accessing it from or having authenticated with a pre-approved access ID.

How can I see a complete list of all the hosts being monitored?

The "Details" link at the top-right corner of the page will generate a complete list of all the hosts and services being monitored. The "Summary" link generates the default view of any hosts that have an alert on a service.

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